Thursday, March 21, 2013

Great. Another girl with a blog.

Because I know you all were thinking "I really wish just one more twentysomething would start a blog about the crap she does all day."
Here to answer your prayers is me! Hi everyone, I'm Harper. In a nutshell, I am a college student, a sorority girl, dog lover, spoiled loving girlfriend, and a Type A neurotic mess. I love football, painting my nails, and rewriting my notes to color-code the important parts. If I had to guess, I would say I spend approximately 40% of my time daydreaming about being glamorous, 20% of my time online (window) shopping, 15% of my time eating or watching TV, another 15% of my time having and internal mental breakdown, and 10% actually doing what I'm supposed to. 
I have about 15 pairs of shoes, and yet my Uggs are so worn they might just fall off my feet. I panic when my leggings are in the dirty laundry, and I wash my favorite jeans every week. I drag my feet on the mornings that I have to blow dry my hair. I do the Mean Girls stare-at-myself-and-judge routine in the mirror almost every morning. I walk into Forever21 and I cringe because it's so disorganized. But I love that my dogs burst into my room at 7:15 am on the dot, I love cleaning my room, and I love that I still have so much time to do all the things I want to.
I started this blog because Lord knows I have a lot of opinions and I just love to share them. If you do decide to give my blog a chance, you can expect to read about makeup, food, fitness, things that annoy me, and my latest obsessions, which could range from that breakfast sandwich I had at the deli next to where I drop my laundry off to the sweater I saw a stranger wearing and spent three hours trying to find it on Pinterest.

I am aware that I've made myself sound like a typical sorority girl, not a care in the world besides what she looks like each day. But my blog is called Harper Trying for a reason. At the end of the day when we all lay in bed, makeup scrubbed off, snuggled next to our favorite pillow pet, and start to think about our to do list for tomorrow, we are all the same. We're just trying. Trying to be the best at our job, trying to pass our political philosophy class, trying to be productive the day after we stayed out until 4 am. I am trying to be so many things each day. A daughter my mother can be proud of, a sorority woman who shines in her letters, a girlfriend who doesn't drive him crazy, a sister that everyone can go to, a great student, a good employee. Whether we succeed or fail, everyone is trying, and I think we should get more credit for that.


  1. I'm so glad that you're blogging and seriously, this is the best introduction post I've ever read!! Love ya!

  2. loving this introduction! Can't wait to follow along