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Hey! I'm Harper! I'm so happy to have you here on my blog, won't you stay a while? 

I am yet another twentysomething sorority girl with big dreams, a little budget, and a lot of sass. Born in the South, I live in the great state of New York, and it has worked its way into my veins. Don't walk on the wrong side of the sidewalk, be an aggressive driver, and when you order a slice, say "plain," not "cheese." That being said, I still have manners, and I was raised with strong family values.

I love chevron, stiff drinks, t-shirts, nail polish and neutrals. Type A to the core, I color-code my notes and I scrub my room every week. I hate folding laundry and doing the dishes. When I grow up, I want to plan guest activities at a resort while being a makeup artist while being a nutritionist while being a homemaker. Or something.

I adore makeup, cooking, baking, and fitness. I live for late nights and early mornings, I don't leave the house without mascara, and I am a firm believer in the power of mimosas. Right now, this is my own little world and I'm trying to figure it out one day at a time, because regardless of what everyone says, your twenties are hard.

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