Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Currently

My life has been a series of major adjustments lately, so I figured the best way to get back into blogging while organizing my mind a little would be to start with a Sunday Currently post, courtesy of the lovely siddathornton. Starting on Sundays is nice. It's the first day of the week, the calm before the storm, and the time to make your last minute to-do's (like write a blog post at 11:30 pm), don't-forgets, and squeeze a liiiiitle more fun out of your weekend.

I just got back from a lovely week -long vacation in Naples, FL with my boyfriend and his family. I'm staying in Savannah until Tuesday, and then I start my new job on Friday. So, let's start the week off right!

Currently I am...

I am thoroughly enjoying Mindy Kaling's book, "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)," half because the title sums up my daily thoughts every day of college, and half because she is hilarious and brilliant all at once. I will be reviewing it soon!
My ever-so-long to do list for the week. Of course, I neglected everything I needed to do for all of last week, so all the emails, phone calls, and (ugh) summer homework assignments must be attended to.
To an incredibly vocal cricket and the sound of the air conditioning. I love when it's quiet at night, and the crickets or a gentle rain put me to sleep faster than anything else.
That while you should try to never go to bed angry, sometimes it just happens. And it might make for some really weird dreams.
Fresh laundry, and the remnants of reheated pizza. A classic smell, coming to a Yankee Candle near you in 2015.
That I had just a little bit more time on vacation, because while I read almost three books and got a great tan, no vacation is ever long enough to catch up on sleep.
That I kick some serious ass tomorrow and get a good chunk of my list done before I have to travel all day on Tuesday.
My boyfriend's Vineyard Vines shep shirt and sleep shorts. After this post, it's bedtime.
My new Steve Madden flats! I got two pairs on clearance at Famous Footwear today, so in other words, today was perfect.
To sit outside on the balcony as I write this, but alas there is no porch furniture at my boyfriend's apartment.
To really hydrate tomorrow! I've been seriously slacking, averaging like three cups of water a day this week. My skin is definitely suffering.
Really good that I started the week with a blog post.

Have an excellent Monday everyone, and if you start the week strong by Thursday you'll be singing the weekend tunes!

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